New catalogue of electrical components 2018

Dear customers and business partners, 

MOREK company presents at new catalogue 2018 own product portfolio composed of wide range of special products for a wide industrial use. Beside all others you can find new or innovated products as universal terminal blocks OTL up to 240 mm2 or theirs triple branching design, flexible insulated busbars MOFLEX, distribution blocks MOBLOCK, device connectors etc. MOREK fulfil the idea own brand: MOREK BRANDS PRODUCTS ARE QUALITY PRODUCTS.  


- Universal terminal blocks OTL up to 240 mm2

- OJL color distributions block

- Distribution blocks MOBLOCKS

- Device connectors

- Flexible insulated busbars MOFLEX etc.



 Catalogue in PDF format available by clicking on the picture.



   Gel Joints

Gel joints series is suitable to guarantee insulation of low voltage main and shunted, single-pole and multi-pole connections ranging from 0.6/1 kV. The list of products is made up of a series for main connections and a series for shunted connections. The first series allows single-pole and multi-pole connections with max. section respectively of 1x185 mm² and 4x25 mm²; the second series allows single-pole and multi-pole shunted connections with max. section respectively of 1x120 mm² e 4x10 mm². The insulation phase in each joint is made with a separator included in the kit or with the innovative modular insulated terminals, up to five phases with max. section of 35 mm².



For other information please click to the picture (download PDF file).